The corporate team relies on a dozen lawyers with complementary expertise to offer tailor-made support to its clients. Embodied by Philippe Ginestié, Corporate expertise is sought after and we are one of the best law firms in corporate law.

The corporate team is involved in:

  • business transfer
  • mergers and acquisitions and restructuring of national and international groups
  • venture capital, private equity, LBO
  • corporate governance and organization of powers in companies
  • company law: support for companies in their daily life and exceptional operations

Lawyers ofCorporate team are particularly called upon to support complex operations and governance issues.


2023 | Corporate : Firm selected by the list of best law firms produced by Le Point


Legal 500 EMEA 2020: Mergers and Acquisitions

Other recommended firms: Band 5: Ginestié Magellan Paley-Vincent

Legal 500 Paris 2020: Mergers and Acquisitions 
5 group

Ginestié Magellan Paley-Vincent assists companies, shareholders of listed and unlisted companies, and investment funds. The team of a dozen lawyers advises its clients in the context of mergers and acquisitions and private equity transactions. She also has good expertise in intervening in family group transmission operations and in governance. Philippe Ginestié, who heads the practice, is very well known. François Devedjian, François Lefort and Yves Ardaillou also participate in the practice. 


2024 ranking: Law firms in development capital and LBOs whose majority of transactions concern companies of less than 50 million euros

Recommended practitioners**: Yves Ardaillou, François Devedjian, Philippe Ginestié, Pierre Mudet

Ranking 2022: Mergers & Acquisitions law firms with the majority of transactions below € 200 million

Recommended practitioners ***: Yves Ardaillou, Nathalie Boudet-Gizardin, François Devedjian, Carine Duchemin, Philippe Ginestié, Jean-Baptiste Guillot, Pierre Mudet

2020 ranking: AMF financial, stock market and regulatory litigation

Recommended practitioners **: Philippe Ginestié, Yves Ardaillou, François Devedjian,  

Ranking 2020: Acquisition litigation

Recommended practitioners ***: Philippe Ginestié, Yves Ardaillou, François Devedjian, François Lefort

Leaders league_logo

2022 Ranking: Mergers and Acquisitions - Transactions between € 75m and € 500m
Excellent: Philippe Ginestié, François Devedjian, Pierre Mudet, Yves Ardaillou, Jean-Baptiste Guillot

2022 ranking: Mergers and acquisitions – Stock market transactions, complex or with litigation potential
Strong notoriety: Philippe Ginestié, François Devedjian, Pierre MUdet, Yves Ardaillou, Jean-Baptiste Guillot

2022 Ranking: Private Equity - Lower Mid & Small Cap LBO transactions 
Strong notoriety - group 1: François Devedjian, Yves Ardaillou, Pierre Mudet, Philippe Ginestié

Ranking 2022: Litigation and Arbitration - Financial and equity litigation
Strong reputation - group 1: Philippe Ginestié

Ranking 2022: Capital Markets (DCM & ECM) - Small Cap and Mid Cap
Renowned practice: François Devedjian



logo Best Lawyers (1)

2023 | Private Equity Law: Yves Ardaillou / Francois Devedjian 

2023 | Corporate Law: Yves Ardaillou / Francois Devedjian 

2023 | Mergers and Acquisitions Law : Philippe Ginestié / Jean-Baptiste Guillot

2020 | Private Equity Law : Yves Ardaillou


2020 | Mergers acquisition - Mid to large cap
Rising teams: Ginestié Magellan Paley-Vincent