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The mind

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A meal with friends

Philippe Ginestié

Founding partner

Practices : Corporate, Governance and Control Organization

Bar AssociationParis

Professional languages : English, Spanish, French

Capabilities : management of strategic governance and shareholding issues, complex transactions, mergers and acquisitions, private-equity, financial, stock market and AMF regulatory litigation

Philippe Ginestié is the founder of the firm.

He has extensive experience in the fields of corporate and complex operations where legal, tax and financial considerations must be integrated. He has developed particular expertise in the legal organization of relations between the control of power in groups.

Administrator of the Alpha Omega Foundation, he also supports non-profit organizations. 

He heads the firm's operations in Hong Kong. 

Specialist in artificial intelligence applied to contracts, in June 2017 he founded the company Gino LegalTech, specialized in the robotization of contracts. Gino LegalTech inherits 10 years of work from Ginerativ, which has the first generation of contract robots.

Philippe Ginestié graduated fromHEC, Harvard Business School (MBA) and Harvard Law School (ITP).

The Point

2023 - Corporate Law, and Mergers & Acquisitions | Philippe Ginestié

Legal 500 Paris 2020

Mergers Acquisitions: group 5 | Ginestié Magellan Paley-Vincent assists companies, managers, shareholders of listed and unlisted companies, and investment funds. The team of a dozen lawyers advises clients on mergers and acquisitions and private equity transactions. She also has good expertise in intervening in family group transmission operations and in governance matters. Philippe Ginestié, who heads the practice, is very well known. 


Litigation & Arbitration - Financial & balance sheet litigation: Strong reputation 

Litigation & Arbitration - International arbitration: Quality practice 

Litigation and arbitration - financial and balance sheet litigation: Strong reputation

Mergers and acquisitions – Transactions between €75 million and €500 million: Excellent 

Mergers and acquisitions – Complex operations or transactions with high litigation potential: Strong notoriety 

Asset management - Asset taxation: essential 




Best Lawyer

2024 - Mergers and Acquisitions Law : Philippe Ginestie

2024 - Arbitration and Mediation : Philippe Ginestie

2024 - Corporate Law : Philippe Ginestie

2023 - Mergers and Acquisitions Law : Philippe Ginestie

2023 - Arbitration and Mediation : Philippe Ginestie

2023 - Corporate Law : Philippe Ginestie

Finance / Law & Business option

Rankings 2024 |

Acquisition litigation: recommended practitioner *** 

Financial, stock market and regulatory litigation AMF: recommended practitioner ** 

Mergers and acquisitions where the majority of operations are less than 200 million euros: recommended practitioner ** 

Development capital and LBO, the majority of operations involving companies worth less than 50 million euros: recommended practitioner **