The agricultural and food sector is an issue of sovereignty at national and European level.

Beyond the historical support of several major wine houses and key players in the agri-food sector in France, our firm is today present in strongholds of the food trade within the BRICS (office in Hong Kong, Brazil Desk...)

Our sectoral approach in the agricultural and agri-food sector consists of supporting all stakeholders, from farm to fork on themes ranging from rural law to consumer law.

It is based on the experience and expertise of our partner Philippe Jouvet who spent more than 10 years in firms specializing in food distribution law and on its acquired operational vision within the Legal Department of an international multi-product cooperative (sugar, starch, ethanol, sweeteners, animal nutrition).

Our service offering includes:

  • Council for the structuring of agricultural sectors (EGALIM Law), negotiation and formalization of producer contracts, support for producer organizations, professional and inter-professional federations
  • Cooperative law (Governance, management of relations between cooperators, competition law applied to cooperatives)
  • Rural law (rural leases, lessee pre-emption/SAFER pre-emption, control of structures and CDOA)
  • Multi-channel expertise (GMS, Wholesalers, RHD, MDD)
  • Strategic support for the construction of contractual documents (CGV, Single Agreement, reservation letters) and the conduct of commercial negotiations
  • Restrictive competition practices: advice and litigation support on sudden terminations, delisting and other abuses and management of relations with the Administration (payment deadlines)
  • Logistics monitoring: drafting of the logistics agreement, supervision of logistics penalties, disputes in the logistics chain (service providers, carriers)
  • National and European product regulations, free movement of goods
  • Support during product crises (contamination, non-compliance): alert management and relationship with the Administration (DGCCRF DDPP, DREETS), opportunity for withdrawal/recall and assistance with customer/supplier communication during the crisis
  • Control of consumer law (labelling, traceability, quality labels, etc.) for the marketing of food (organic, fair trade, GMO-free, etc.)