Capital and governance in healthcare companies,

the example of liberal medicine

Le corporate has penetrated the health sector in general and liberal medicine in particular, to meet the challenges and issues that drive it and that also underpin its persistent and growing attractiveness. The restructuring and consolidation of the sector, through the grouping and concentration of liberal practitioners and technical platforms, is the main expression of this, which is based on two main tools : liberal practice companies (SEL) and financial participation companies for the liberal professions (SPFPL), subject to complex and imperfect regulations intended to preserve the independence of practicing professional partners. Twenty years of practice combined with the plasticity of the instruments corporate enabled the establishment and improvement adequate legal tools capable of reconciling the regulatory constraints with the diversity of the interests involved by building an appropriate capital and governance system, compatible with the particularities of the corporate practice of the health professions. 


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Nathalie Boudet-Gizardin


She joined the firm the same year in the Civil and Health team of Catherine Paley-Vincent. She advises health professionals particularly in terms of:

Civil, disciplinary and criminal defense of health professionals, professional orders and medical and veterinary biology laboratories

Advice and assistance for health professionals to structure their activities, including in the context of public/private cooperation, particularly in medical imaging.


Fabienne Kerebel


She has acquired a solid expertise in the law of listed and unlisted companies and its various components, in particular private equity and mergers and acquisitions.

In this capacity, Fabienne advises companies and managers on their external growth operations, the evolution of their governance or shareholding, the profit-sharing of key managers or the reorganization of corporate structures.

Catherine Paley-Vincent

Catherine Paley-Vincent


Recognized expert in health law, she intervenes in particular for the constitution and monitoring of structures between hospital and / or liberal health professionals, for the management of possible conflicts and their transactional, judicial or disciplinary consequences. The field of medical imaging is particularly familiar to him.

She advises pharmaceutical companies on medical devices, labeling and clinical trials.


François Devedjian


A specialist in stock market law and mergers and acquisitions, he is involved, in particular, in public offers and capital market transactions, as well as in mergers and acquisitions, whether or not involving listed companies.

He regularly advises companies whose securities are traded on a regulated market in France, large industrial groups and innovative companies with strong growth, both in their daily life and on specific transactions.