If the lawyer was an animal, or a plant which one would it be ?
A zebra, an oak

The definition of law in 10 words maximum
The rules of the game making it possible to establish the rights and duties of each person

The first virtue of a lawyer
Good listener

The worst vice of a lawyer
The self-satisfaction

Your main strength

Your main weakness

The strength you value most in others
The generosity

The weakness that bother you most in others
The stupidity

Your job if you had not been a lawyer
An auctioneer

Your passions outside of your work
A family, a house, a garden

Your motto
Top hearts !

Your obsession
Not being up to the task

Best use of your time off
Walking into the wind

Catherine Paley-Vincent

senior counsel

Practices : civil law and litigation, health law, personal law

Bar Association : Paris

Professional languages : English, French

Capabilities :
- Creation and monitoring of structures between health professionals, Public / private partnership
- Advice to pharmaceutical laboratories on medical devices, labeling and clinical trials.
- Application of medical ethics and disciplinary litigation
- Application of the Evin Law

Specific knowledge :
- Arbitration and litigation related to agricultural cooperation
- Litigation involving medical liability, ethics, social insurance litigation and bioethics laws.


Catherine Paley-Vincent has been a partner of the firm since 1979.

Recognized expert in health law, it intervenes in particular for the constitution and the follow-up of structures between hospital and / or liberal health professionals, for the management of possible conflicts and their transactional, judicial or disciplinary consequences. The field of medical imaging is particularly familiar to him.

It recommend pharmaceutical laboratories in the field of medical devices, labeling and clinical trials.

She is rregularly consulted on the application of ethics, in particular with regard to the regulation of professional orders of networks, advertising and the Internet used in the medical and veterinary world.

It has a important litigation practice involving medical liability, both at the civil, administrative and penal level, ethics, social insurance litigation and bioethics laws.

More and more often referred to as mediator, she is also an arbitrator at the National Chamber of Arbitration of Physicians and at the Bar Association. She regularly speaks in conferences and has a publication activity in health law (books and articles).

She has pleaded numerous disputes in the field of agricultural cooperation and has had a continuous practice of Human Rights.

His initial professional training was immediately linked to an intensive practice at the Palais, a field experience which naturally led him to take the Internship Conference Competition. She was elected First Secretary for the 1971-1972 promotion, a prelude to intense ordinal activity. She is a member of the Council of the Order where she chaired the Ethics Commission in 1990 and 1991. At the National Bar Council (1996-2000), she is part of the Commission which drafts the first National Internal Regulations. Member of the Ethics Committee of the Paris Bar, from its inception in 1992, she chaired it from 2002 to 2009. She is also Chairman of the Ethics Council of the American Hospital of Paris, since 2016.

In 1979, she joined the Firm founded by Philippe Ginestié with which she joined in 1982, an association which will evolve into Ginestié Magellan Paley-Vincent.

Mediator and arbitrator at the National Chamber of Arbitration of Doctors

Arbitrator at the Bar Association of the Ethics Council 

President of the Ethics Council of the American Hospital of Paris 

But also 

- 1989, 1990 and 1991: Member of the Council of the Order where she chairs the Ethics Commission. 

- 1996-2000: At the National Bar Council, she is part of the Commission which drafts the first National Internal Regulations. 

- 2002-2009: she chairs the Ethics Committee of the Paris Bar. 

President of the Nuits Music Festival at Château de la Moutte 


Knight in the National Order of Merit

Officer in the National Order of the Legion of Honor

Legal 500 EMEA 2023

Ginestié Magellan Paley-Vincent offers specialist support in health litigation, representing clients in complex civil and criminal cases concerning medical liability, as well as in disciplinary cases against healthcare professionals. The firm also provides advice on corporate governance for private healthcare companies, as well as assistance with medical equipment development investment funds and negotiating healthcare PPP contracts. Nathalie Boudet-Gizardin, a specialist in matters concerning radiology and nuclear medicine, leads the team with medical liability litigator Catherine Paley-Vincent. More

Law awards

2022 - Health Law | silver trophy

Best Lawyer

2024 - Biotechnology and Life Sciences Practice : Catherine Paley-Vincent

2024 - Litigation : Catherine Paley-Vincent

2023 - Biotechnology and Life Sciences Practice: Catherine Paley-Vincent

2023 - Litigation: Catherine Paley-Vincent