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Robots, Men and Compliance

11 September 2018

Tribune by Philippe Ginestié, founder of Ginestié Magellan Paley-Vincent and Gino LegalTech, in the autumn issue of “Compliances”

“The human / robot association is becoming an important key of the moving world, which will facilitate, even make possible the installation of effective systems of compliance”.

By Philippe Ginestié, founding Partner

(Français) L’exercice en groupe des médecins : Contrats et structures, par Me Catherine Paley-Vincent

27 June 2017



(Français) L’article 4124-2 CSP: Une application délicate mais logique ! Par Me Catherine Paley-Vincent

27 June 2017



(Français) Modèle d’acte de résiliation d’un contrat intra-groupe, par Fabienne Kerebel

7 April 2017



The obligation to notify a merger project and the suspensory effect of the filing.

22 March 2017

In its decision of 8 November 2016, the French Competition Authority jointly fined Altice Luxembourg and SFR Group 80 million euros. The two undertakings operating in the telecoms sector had duly notified two transactions but implemented them before receiving the clearance decision.

This decision is a warning to undertakings that may be tempted by “gun-jumping”.

By Pierre de Montalembert, Partner

Newsflash – Transposition into French law of the European Directive governing damage claims for infringements of competition law provisions.

15 March 2017

Regulation n°2017-303 and its implementing decree n°2017-305 of 9 March 2017 transposed the European Directive 2014/104/EU of 26 November 2014 governing damage claims for infringements of competition law provisions into French law. The regulation adds to the fourth book of the Code de commerce a Title VIII named “Actions for damages resulting from anticompetitive practices”.

By Pierre de Montalembert, Partner

(Français) Sur le rachat par la société émettrice de ses propres VMDAC

25 January 2016



(Français) Modèle d’acte de renonciation dans le cadre d’une opération de private equity

18 November 2015



(Français) VMDAC : Bulletin de souscription – partie 2 : souscription à la valeur secondaire

11 September 2015



(Français) VMDAC : Bulletin de souscription – partie 1 : souscription à la valeur primaire

6 July 2015



A fresh update on arbitration in China and Hong Kong : still one country, two systems

19 March 2015

co-authored with K.Fan and R.Stackpool, Rev. arb 2014, n°4, p.831.

China has become the engine of the world economy, it is also a substantial consumer of arbitration. It now includes Hong Kong, which, in connection with its role as Asia’s financial hub, has arisen as a major regional arbitration place. However the two systems, in Hong Kong and Mainland China, continue to diverge significantly: the former British colony has forged a legal and judicial framework that is significantly more arbitration-friendly in every respect, and particularly as far as the conditions of the validity of arbitration agreements, the conduct of the procedure and the judicial review of awards are concerned. The effect of the operation of the two separate systems in one single country is being felt with Hong Kong’s pro-arbitration policy spreading through the Mainland, where the legislation, the courts and the rules of the major arbitration commissions, including CIETAC, are seeking to achieve additional consistency and openness.


A few pieces of advice to avoid falling into some of the traps laid by the SAS

12 November 2014

Fabienne Kerebel, avocat à la Cour,

BJS nov. 2014, p. 463, n°112s4

More and more people, from various backgrounds, involved in economic and business activities fall under the spell of the “société par actions simplifiée”, a specific type of companies in its early twenties. The unprecedented liberty offered by the French law regarding the organization and the running of the company is beyond doubt the main advantage of this type of company and probably why it is efficient on so many different levels.  If this freedom may seem appealing, one must not forget to read the small prints, in order to be fully aware of what one signs for. This articles’ modest wish is to outline some of the traps laid by the SAS, so that the reader may outwit them


The Academy of Medecine: old-fashioned?

23 October 2012

Loi de bioéthique : Ringarde, l’Académie de Médecine ? Catherine Paley-Vincent, La Lettre de l’Académie Nationale de Médecine, n°44, juin 2011