Present at the reception given by the Brazilian Ambassador to France on September 7, Rodrigo Loureiro, responsible for Brazil Desk was happy to represent the firm on the occasion of the National Day of Brazil.

The opportunity for our associate to recall all the importance of Franco-Brazilian friendship.

Relations between France and Brazil have a long history common which continues to intensify thanks to cultural and economic links:

  • France was one of the first European countries to establish relations with Brazil in the XNUMXth century, when she sent Catholic missionaries to convert the indigenous populations.
  • In the nineteenth century, France became an important trading partner of Brazil, with trade in goods ranging from French textiles and luxury goods, such as wine and perfume, to Brazilian products such as coffee, sugar and rubber.
  • In 1825, France recognized the independence of Brazil, which was then a Portuguese colony. Since then, the two countries have maintained close diplomatic relations, with high-level visits and bilateral agreements in many areas.
  • In the XNUMXth century, France became a major investor in Brazil, with French companies operating in sectors such as energy, transport, telecommunications and finance.
  • Since 2008, Brazil has been France's leading trading partner in Latin America..
  • In 2022, Brazil becomes the leading destination for French FDI in emerging countries ahead of China. In total, more than 1 French companies have chosen to set up in Brazil and employ more than 100 people.

And let's not forget on this National Day of Brazil, that it was Jean-Baptiste Debret, a French painter who created in the 1820s, the first green and yellow flag of the Empire of Brazil.

Rodrigo Loureiro

Rodrigo Loureiro


Rodrigo LOUREIRO has been Head of the Brazil Desk at Ginestié Magellan Paley-Vincent since May 2023, to develop the firm's activities internationally, particularly in Brazil.

Rodrigo has extensive expertise in advising Brazilian companies on international transactions and foreign companies considering investing or setting up in Brazil. He specializes in corporate law, with outstanding experience in risk analysis and advice on M&A transactions, corporate restructurings and executions.