Philippe Ginestié, founder of Gino Legaltech at the BIG of the BPI

BIG, BPI France Inno Geration, is the largest European business event: workshops, conferences, business meetings bring together more than 60 entrepreneurship players.

On this occasion, Philippe Ginestié, Founding Partner of the firm Ginestié Magellan Paley-Vincent and also Founding President of Gino LegalTech, interviewed by journalist Sandrine Weisz, spoke about the challenges of the digitalization of legal processes for companies.

He was thus able to highlight the contributions of the Contract Lifecycle Management solution (CLM), Gino, to meet the digital agility needs of lawyers, particularly in terms of automated production and contract management.


Philippe Ginestié


Founder of the firm, he has extensive experience in the areas of corporate and complex operations where legal, tax and financial considerations must be integrated. He has developed particular expertise in the legal organization of relations between the control of power in groups.

Administrator of the Alpha Omega Foundation, he also supports non-profit organizations.