Agnès Schmitz Schweitzer


Practices : Civil law and litigation, health law


The areas of intervention of Agnes Schmitz-Schweitzer include the consulting and civil and commercial litigationAnd the health law in which it has specialized: restructuring of health institutions, cooperation structures between private and public health establishments, medical imaging operating structures, contracts between doctors and private and public health establishments, grouping structures doctors and medical ethics.

She was lecturer at 1998 at 2014 at the National Conservatory of Arts and Crafts (Master of Economics and Management of Health Institutions) and 2002 at 2014 at the Faculty of Paris XI (Master 2 Health Law).

She holds a graduate degree from public Law (DES) and a graduate degree from private right (DES) awarded by the University Paris II - Assas.

Agnès Schmitz-Schweitzer joined the law firm Ginestié Paley-Vincent et associés in 1998 as a consulting lawyer, after having successively worked in two law firms.