Louis Perreau-Saussine


Practices : Private international law, real estate law

Professional languages : English, Spanish, French

CapabilitiesInternational estate planning, international asset management, international state and arbitration contracts and litigation


Louis Perreau-Saussine, after practicing as a lawyer (2004-2009), is full professor of private law successively at the universities of Nancy (2007-2012) then Paris-Dauphine-PSL (since 2012). He teaches private international law, international arbitration law, and real estate law. He is also a teacher in real estate law at the Ecole du Notariat de Paris (since 2008) 

Louis is a member of many learned societies: International Law Association, European Association of Private International Law, International Academy of Comparative Law, French Committee of Private International Law, Association Rencontre Notariat-Université. He is also a member of the Board of Directors of the Dauphine Foundation.

Significant publications

  • Real estate and private international law, Defrénois, Coll “Thesis and notary”, 2006
  • Imperativity in international business law: current issues (Collective work, Dir.), Institute of Comparative Law, 2020 
  • Fraud against the law: assessment and prospects, International Heritage Review 2022
  • Private international law of the European Union and third States: assessment and perspective in the field of jurisdictional competence, Work of the French Committee for Private International Law DIP 2021, Pedone, 2022