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Compliance, far from being limited to a set of restrictive rules, nowadays reflects the evolution of social values. Increased protection of personal data, corporate social responsibility, duty of care, and anti-corruption are all a reflection of the evolution of our society and of the current expectations of individuals. Compliance has become a prerequisite for the growth and credibility of a company.

Our lawyers specialised in compliance, business and international law, have a wide range of expertise enabling us to assist our clients in developing a global, coherent and sustainable strategy to bring their companies into line with its vision of the future.

  • Audit: diagnosis and recommendations for compliance
  • Compliance package: creation of a digital data processing register, drafting of the privacy policy, compliance of the website and trackers, drafting of personal data protection clauses, drafting and negotiation of contracts relating to personal data processing, drafting of internal and external communication notes
  • Monthly assistance package: updating of the digital register of data processing, assistance of the DPO, monthly legal assistance
  • Impact assessment: description of the processing operations and their purposes, proportionality assessment, risk assessment, list of internal measures envisaged
  • Transfers outside the European Union: seeking adequacy decisions, drafting specific or validated clauses, setting up codes of conduct
  • Mapping of major corruption risks
  • Drawing up an illustrated code of conduct in line with the company's activity
  • Third party evaluation benchmark
  • Alert procedure
  • Accounting control with (the assistance of a partner service provider)
  • Review, drafting and adoption of contractual clauses in all types of contracts
  • Training of employees
  • Audit
  • Drafting of a vigilance plan
  • Risk mapping
  • Third party evaluation benchmark
  • Drafting of clauses in the management report
  • Training of employees
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2019 rankings - compliance & fraud - compliance program :
Strong notoriety (group 2)