"Los Bailarines" - Fernando Botero

Law firm news

The law firm devotes a part of its time to performing pro bono work on behalf of various humanitarian or educational organizations

The law firm advises and assists on a pro bono basis:

  • ENFANTS ET DÉVELOPPEMENT, an association that assists in the training and hygiene of children in South East Asia. Our firm got a pedophile convicted before a criminal court with a ten years prison sentence
  • FRANCE ACTIVE, an association dedicated to the workplace integration of people experiencing job insecurity
  • FORCE FEMMES, an association that assists women over forty five to find employment
  • ACTION ENFANCE which welcomes and raises orphaned children in the Children Villages
  • UN CADEAU POUR LA TERRE in its project called “ The Blue Whale”  which aims to inform and educate children on “eco-citizenship” and sustainable development