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Armel Pécheul

Armel Pécheul

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Public law

Armel Pécheul has developed, for over twenty five years, a well-recognized expertise in the main fields of public law litigation: E.U. law, public and  real estate contracts and local council legislation, public liability.

In 1981, after studying law and political sciences, he acquired a Ph.D in law. He has been a public law Professor since 1984.

Since that date, Armel Pécheul has lead simultaneously the careers of both a lawyer and a scholar.

Curently a public law Professor at Angers University, he is also a member of a research center in public law at Paris V University. He published several books and articles about different aspects of public law.

He is also highly experienced in holding public office. For instance, he was once regional director of education.

Member of the bar since 1984, Armel Pécheul had his own practice until 2008 when he joined Ginestié law firm.

He is fluent in English.