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Jalal El Ahdab (Jil Ahdab)

Jalal El Ahdab (Jil Ahdab)

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Arbitration, litigation, international investments

Watch an interview given by Jil Ahdab on arbitration and differences between legal traditions, in connection with a LexisNexis conference held in Abu Dhabi (UAE) on 7 December 2015:

Jalal El Ahdab (Jil Ahdab)‘s practice covers international business law, notably with the Arab world and Europe, and more specifically in the field of international litigation and foreign investments. He has strong expertise in managing international disputes and particularly arbitrations: shareholders and securities suits, class actions, breach of negotiations, bank guarantees … The type of business disputes his practice includes relates to the trade in various types of commodities, telecom markets, port concessions, the construction industry… It also involves the following geographical areas: Europe, Africa, Middle East and Asia. He possesses a large knowledge of institutional rules, including ICSID, ICC, LCIA, UNCITRAL, VIAC, DIAC, CRCICA and CAS Rules.

He acts both as a counsel and as an arbitrator (sole arbitrator, co-arbitrator and chairman).

He is a regular speaker at numerous international arbitration conferences and author of numerous articles on the same subject. He is co-author of Arbitration with the Arab Countries  (Kluwer, 2011). He is also managing editor of the International Journal of Arab Arbitration, available on and He will also release in 2018 a book on Arbitration Law in France, with Professor Daniel Mainguy (LexisNexis). Finally, he is a lecturer in arbitration law at the Versailles University and at HEC Business School.

Jil Ahdab holds a doctorate in law from Paris I – Sorbonne (2003) and also graduated from Sciences Po Paris (Political Sciences & International Finance) in 1998, the Institut Supérieur de Gestion (Business & Management) in 1995 and Columbia Law School (LLM) in 2002.

After working for ten years within an international law firm (Orrick Rambaud Martel) where he was made counsel back in 2010, he joined Ginestié Magellan Paley-Vincent as a partner  in 2012. He is admitted to practice in Paris (France), Beirut (Lebanon) and New York (USA) and speaks equally French, English and Arabic.

General information

Jil Ahdab is member of the ICC (French and Lebanese Committees). He is a member of the ICC International Court of Arbitration, of the Arbitration Commission and of the Institute of World Business Law. He is a former Member of the ICC Task Force on “the Revision of the ICC Rules of Arbitration”, on “Production of Electronic Documents in Arbitration”, on “Arbitration Involving States or State Entities”; of the ICC Working Group on “Decisions on Costs” and current member of the ICC Task Force on Emergency arbitrator Proceedings. He is also a member of the IBA (co-chair of the Mediation Committee; Arbitration Committee; Official co-translator into Arabic of the 2010 IBA Rules on Evidence). He has also adhered to the US ABA and AAA/ICDR (he sits in its International Panel of Arbitrators), the French CFA, the Swiss ASA, the Belgian CEPANI, the UK LCIA and CIArb (which he chairs the Paris Chapter of), the Sport CAS (arbitrator appointed by Lebanon) and to the Singaporean SIAC. Jil Ahdab is also Lebanon’s Representative at the UNCITRAL.

Jil Ahdab has won the 2005 Paris Chamber of Commerce and Industry Award for the best thesis: « The Arbitration Clause and the Non-Signatories » (unpublished yet) and was recognized as a “world leading arbitration expert” by the International Who’s Who of Commercial Arbitration 2012.


Major publications

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